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almost time to leave...

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May. 4th, 2013 | 12:13 am

Yesterday I had planned on walking at all my favorite local spots - the wetlands, the beach, etc.

But it rained. It rained and thunderstormed allllll day. Normally this would not bother me, except the timing was quite poor. But perhaps it was just as well. I was several hours behind for the month, work-wise, so I caught up on that and started packing. I also dyed my hair (fuchsia pink) and cut it again. I cut it badly...some strands in the back are far shorter than others, and not symmetrical. Well. If anyone asks, I'll just say I did it on purpose and it's fucking punk, thank you. But my basic desire - for hair longer in the front than the back - has been realized. I'm not sure what about that look I like better, but even from the front, it seems different. And better. I suspect others walking behind me may disagree.

Once again, though, I could barely sleep. I'm really fucking sick of this. Again, I only got a few hours of sleep and in the middle of the day. I forced myself out of bed to take at least one damn walk. I drove to the wetlands, and I could tell rain threatened, but what's a little rain?

I'm so glad I went. Due to the weather, the place was almost empty. Of course, there weren't many animals either, but I was ok with that. About a third of my way through the boardwalk, it began to rain. I tucked my camera into my voluminous skirt and kept walking. Since I had no purse or backpack with me, I felt relatively free. No sunscreen. No bugspray. I tucked my keys and phone in my bra, my camera in my skirt, and had only my water to carry with me. As I ducked under a pagoda, it finally began to pour, and I embraced the lovely little storm. There were only a couple claps of thunder, but that was fine as I didn't worry as much about lightning. I took some photos, danced in the rain, and finally went on my merry way as the rain subsided. Then I saw them - on one of the trees meant for birds to perch upon, I saw a trio of roseate spoonbills. I NEVER see those birds! They're pink like flamingos, but they have a spoon-shaped bill, almost like a duckbill. I've only seen one once before, farther north on Merritt Island, but here were these three spoonbills cleaning and drying their feathers after the storm. I hope they photographed as beautifully as I thought they did.

As I approached the visitors center, I caught sight of an alligator swimming across the slough - probably the last alligator I'll see this trip.

Then I joined Sharon and Neal at our favorite pizza place downtown. It was a zoo, and they messed up Sharon's pizza initially, but mine was as heavenly as I remember. I got something off my chest that I felt I needed to say...maybe I shouldn't have, in retrospect, but it's done. Everyone enjoyed their meals, and then we walked it off a bit on our way to Kilwin's Ice Cream. Kilwin's was the one thing I meant to do this visit but hadn't. We stopped in a shop on the way, I had my ice cream, and then I hugged them goodbye until July.

As I drove home, a beautiful lightning storm broke out over the ocean, but I couldn't find a good vantage point to watch it from. And so I came back home.

I feel...diluted, somehow. Not quite myself. It is PMS time, so that could be part of it. PMS while driving north would really, really suck. Grumbles. I'll live. Most of the condo is packed, except for that which must wait until morning, such as toiletries. Luckily I don't need to clean the condo too well since I'll be back in a couple months. As usual, I now feel rather comfortable here and am calling the condo 'home' without hesitation...and it is time to leave. With my mental health being so messed up, I didn't acclimate to the condo as quickly as usual, and this visit was harder. But it was still worth it. I bonded with Neal much more than ever before, and I think I've finally earned his full friendship. I got to experience some more of Sharon's life. And while I didn't get to go as many places as I wanted, I was invited to volunteer at Gumbo Limbo (maybe next year), became much more familiar with Green Cay, and did investigate some free new places nearby. I didn't go to the beach NEARLY enough, but I suspect that may be rectified come July.

Now, to pack up some of the food from the kitchen...

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