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Paradox in Flesh.

19 August 1976
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(updated on 3/23/10)

In alphabetical order, I am: an activist, an animal lover, bipolar, bisexual, disabled, fannish, feminist, a gamer (somewhat), a geek, genderqueer, goth, kinky, OCD, pagan, pansexual, polyamorous, progressive, queer, a switch, a vampire, a weather geek, a witch, and a writer. Oh, and a label whore :) I split my time between Connecticut and south Florida.

My nickname is a result of my obsession with rabbits and my fulltime gothiness which, when combined, help create the paradox that is me. I've been told I'm difficult to understand, but that it's worth trying. ;)

In the queer world, I'm president and co-founder of Transcending Boundaries, Inc., which holds annual conferences for the bisexual/pansexual, trans/genderqueer, intersex, polyamorous and kink communities, as well as our allies and any others who feel they don't fit in society's acceptable boxes. Our next conference will be Nov. 19-21 in Worcester, MA - you should check it out!

Random friending is welcome, though I may or may not friend you back. Feel free to introduce yourself - I like making new friends.
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